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Hi! I'm Nina Iżycka I'm an illustrator, a graphic designer, a visual artist, a tattoo artist and a social activist. I like to make things with my hands, and I'm interested in non-perfection and humanity. My inspiration are everyday life, the world and its complex interrelationships, people seen as single beeings and society. I look for beauty and ugliness in the surrounding reality and enjoy showing them to others.

The main media I use in my work is drawing. I design, illustrate and publish Zines. I work as a branding designer for local and ethical brands. I create posters for events. And also developing the craft of tattooing unique tattoo designs prepared especialy for every person. 


Nina uses drawing to externalize what is in her head and heart. Drawing is a way for her to symbolically fight against fascism capitalism, patriarchy, exclusions and social inequities. It allows her to criticize and destroy what is wrong and hurtful, but also to build an alternative reality where people would support each other instead of competing. To create a world where everyone could be different, but equal, and could live outside of the oppressive system, growing and learning from each other, where our vulnerabilities would not be a weakness, but a strength.

Knowing that drawing cannot fix this world, one can nevertheless look at it as a tool that can comfort, give hope, and sensitize. By giving these feelings and thoughts material form, by playing with aesthetics and plasticity, with what can be depicted through an image, and by experimenting with different techniques, Nina aims to open up and to provoke spaces of contemplation within us, her audience. The exhibition in Stroboskop includes a range of works made on different materials and surfaces, giving us a window into her everyday life and innermost thoughts.

The world stands on its head and I draw

Stroboskop Art Space, 2022


solo exhibitions

2022 The world stands on its head and I draw | Stroboskop Art Space | Warsaw

2021 WALL | V9 Gallery | Warsaw

2020 Interakcje Międzygatunkowe | with Julia Woronowicz | Państwomiasto | Warsaw

group exhibitions

2023 Cartoon Sandness | Te Quiero Mucho | Barcelona

2022 Wydechy | Grupa Łono | Sklep Galeria Karowa | Warsaw

2022 Drawing Women out of the Shadows | Bologna Children's Book Fair | Bologna

2021 Robi się Gorąco | Turnusik | Warsaw

2020 Must See at Night | See&Say | Warsaw

2019 System doskonały | Noc Muzeów | Ada Puławska | Warsaw


2022 Fajnie by było czasami być ptakiem | Oficyna Peryferie | individual fanzine

2021 WALL Prints | V9 Gallery | screenprint poster serie

2020 Leśniku! Zdejmij Mundur | Wydawnictwo Bomba | collective fanzine

2020 2020 Callendar | Pigment Workroom | illustrated callendar

2020 Short Story about Puma People and Media | Pigment Workroom | individual fanzine

2019 Ocult Studies • Apocalypse | Snake Hair Press | collective fanzine


2022 Hectic Magazine


2020 honorable mention in See&Say review in illustration category

2018 competition for mural for Library in Nadolice Wielkie


2021–2023 Escola Massana | illustration | Barcelona

2020 Erasnus+ in Pigment Workroom studio | Bari

2017–2020 Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw | graduated with a first class honours

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